Méi-Lun Apperance

Méi-Lun - ThiefEdit

A monophobic kleptomaniac with a cocky attitude and an addiction to danger, Méi-Lun is a woman of no morals with an unbridled affection for the world and its cultures. Enraptured by life and all its gifts, she explores and exploits with the passion of a pirate driven by childish dreams.

This wiki contains any and all information you may wish to browse, regarding the Kun-Lai woman gone to sea.

Content Edit

Story - Glimpses Into Méi-Lun's Life
Inventory - Everything, and Where It's From
Acquired Skills - Abilities, and Those Who Taught Them
Associated Personalities - Non-Player Characters & Players Alike
Artwork & Miscellaneous - Oddities & Extra Bits


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